Bakery wordpress themes – a free collection for 2018

Your bakery might be working just fine with street traffic or regular customers, but you’re starting to feel that it could do with a bit of online exposure. And you are right to think that, because you’ll get more customers and so more people will be able to enjoy your freshly baked goods. This little collection will surely be able to help you with this task, because it presents some of the best bakery WordPress themes.

Please note: Using one of these themes requires that you have a website that’s built with WordPress. That’s easy to do if you haven’t done so already. Most hosting companies offer installers for WordPress so you’ll be up and ready in literally a few clicks. My recommendation for a hosting company (which also powers the very website you’re on) is Siteground. The prices are decent and we’re happy so far with them.

Now the good part. Let’s see the collection of WordPress themes for bakeries. Suggestions for other themes will be taken into consideration, so please share if you have any ideas.

VW Bakery

VW Bakery theme

This design is nothing if not colorful. Which is great I think, although that can make it look a bit cluttered. Looking at the bakery WordPress themes I gathered for this collection, I’ve reached the conclusion that picking the right template is highly dependent on the products you are selling. For example, I don’t see this theme working out for a shop that sells bread and related, but I can see it fitting fine for a bakery that is selling cupcakes, donuts etc. On a more technical level, this theme is fully responsive, comes with RTL support and is configurable from the Customizer.

You can see more info and download the theme from here.

Creamery Lite

Creamery Lite - bakery WordPress themes collection

As opposed to the previous theme I’ve presented, Creamery Lite presents itself with a more serious, less colorful design. If that’s the type of vibe you’re looking for, you’ll be pleased to know this theme includes a bunch of useful sections, like team, testimonials, contact, services etc. There’s also a Woocommerce section if you’re into selling your goodies online. I haven’t used this theme but judging by the design and features, it seems like a good choice.

Creamery Lite can be found here.

Bakers Lite

Bakers Lite theme

Ending the collection, here we have Bakers Lite. There are quite a few features that you’ll be able to find in the this theme. I’m referring here to page templates, homepage sections, a header slider and more. Obviously, not all users will need this theme for its main purpose, which is to build a bakery website. Some will prefer to simply use it as a blog theme, and Bakers Lite does a pretty good job for this purpose also.

The theme is available for free over at

That’s about it for this bakery WordPress themes collection. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many free themes in this category that I would consider good enough to include in this list. If you have suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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