How to schedule a post in WordPress (Gutenberg and classic editor)

To run a successful blog, you need an effective publishing strategy. Part of that strategy is, no doubt, the ability to get your readers used to a clear type of publishing rhythm. To create this rhythm, the best thing you can do is learn how to schedule a post in WordPress.

There is no greater way of getting your content in front of people, at the specific time they expect to receive it. It’s a good strategy to get your followers accustomed to a clear schedule.

However, this handy little feature is not only useful for people trying to maintain a fixed publishing schedule. It can also help you if you’re going away on a trip and you want to make sure articles still get published on your blog.

Scheduling a post in Gutenberg

As it was the case with the classic editor, scheduling a post in Gutenberg is also a matter of just a few clicks. Once you have finished writing your article, just head over to the top right-hand side and click on Document. Next thing to do is to click on the blue Immediately link.

Schedule posts in WordPress

Once you’ve clicked on the link, you will be presented with a calendar. From that calendar, you can select the date you want your post to be published and also the exact time.

Date picker for scheduling posts in WP

Now that you have selected your scheduled date and time, you’ll notice the button to schedule your post. Click the button and your Gutenberg created post is ready and it will appear on your chosen date.

Schedule your WordPress post

Configuring your timezone

To be sure your post gets published at the specific time you expect it to be, you need to pick the correct timezone for your area. To do that, simply navigate to Settings > General and scroll down to Timezone. Select the timezone you want and you’re all set! You have now learned how to schedule a post in WordPress with the new and awesome Gutenberg editor.

Change the timezone in WordPress

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