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what makes
Phunk special ?

Loading speed. Design. Options.

With the Phunk WordPress theme you get more than you hoped for. Tweak your website to your liking and enjoy the awesome loading speed.

powerful theme options,
in the

Phunk has quite an impressive set of the options, all of them located in the Theme Customizer. The options range from colors to layout and typography and most of them allow you to preview your changes live, without needing to refresh.

Meet the header carousel

No doubt about it, this is one of Phunk’s most interesting features.

With the header carousel, you can pick some posts that you want to feature on your homepage.

More features

Fully translatable

Every text in this theme is translatable, so you can be sure your website works in the language you want it to.


We got your back for the long run. This theme is constantly updated to handle bugs or to implement new features.

Friendly support

Everybody gets stuck sometimes. That's why we offer fast and confidential support through email.