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So here you are. You know it’s time to start your very own blog and convey your message to the world. Or maybe you already have a WordPress blog and you feel like a new design would not be such a bad idea. Either way, it’s good that you’re here because I’m going to present a few free WordPress blog themes, all of them sharing a common trait: awesome design. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like.

A few things to note before we start:

  • The themes presented in this collection are, at the time of writing, free and publicly available;
  • To install any of these themes you need a self hosted version of WordPress. For that purpose, you will need to get hosting. Our site uses Siteground and we’re pleased with it.
  • Please remember that this collection is based purely on my personal preference and the themes are in no particular order.

So here we go, let’s see some awesome free themes for WordPress blogs.


Phunk WordPress theme for blogs

Yes, I’m subjective. Phunk is our very own theme here at Studiogenium. It’s also used on this website with very little tweaking. When it comes to themes for personal or news blogs, it’s my strong belief that Phunk is an asset that will make your website stand out. Worth noting that our theme is currently in the queue over at, waiting to be reviewed so, in a few weeks from the time of writing this, you’ll be able to find it there. Meanwhile, you can head out to its theme page here at Studiogenium and you can download it for free. Make sure to use the support form if you have any kind of questions, we love to help.

Patch lite

Patch Lite template

This theme comes from one of my favorite shops, pixelgrade. They seem to always find a new angle on designing their products and they do have quite a few free WordPress blog themes in their portfolio. For the purpose of this collection, I’ve chosen to present Patch Lite because, well, I like it. I’m particularly fond of the way they opted to design the menu, as far as I’m concerned any element that is different from what you usually see on websites is something that can help users remember your site.

The only problem I see with it is that there are no customization options or at least I couldn’t find any. I’m not really sure if the developers provide any kind of support for CSS tweaking, so this theme is probably for you if you like its design and want to use it as-is, or if you have knowledge of CSS to tweak things yourself.

You can find Patch Lite here.

Blossom Pin

WordPress theme Blossom Pin

Clearly visible from the image above, this is a feminine design. Actually, all free WordPress themes from this developer are especially useful if you’re running a more feminine blog. I think that’s cool, you get plenty of choices if you prefer this sort of design for your website. There are quite a few options aiming at different aspects of your websites and worry not, there is an option to change the pink color to something else.

Download your copy of Blossom Pin here.

Classic Blog

Classic blog theme

Another free WordPress blog theme with a focus on content. Classic Blog seems aimed more at storytelling rather than news or affiliate blogs and I think it’s a pretty well fit for the job. There are some options you can use for tweaking the layout, so if you want, you can move away from the default layout that comes without a sidebar. Other features include an off canvas navigation menu, a carousel in the header that can either display posts or pages and a call to action area right beneath it.

For people who just want to tell their stories on the web, this theme seems to be a great fit. Grab your copy of the Classic Blog theme here.

Wisdom Blog

Wisdom Blog WordPress

I actually found this theme by first looking at a child theme that was just released for it. I like the design, you could say it’s a pretty classic look for a WordPress blog theme. Seems to load pretty fast and I can see it has some custom widgets built for it. There is also a large call to action area in the header. If you’re interested, follow this link to see more details.

So there you have it, a collection of free WordPress blog themes that look good and are sure to help your website draw some attention. I would like to keep this collection short but I’ll be happy to update with more themes if I find some. Suggestions for other blog themes are always welcome.

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